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Nature within West Park Garden Village

The landscape design at West Park was fulfilled it promise to protect and enhance the existing site ecology. The key design principle of tree and hedgerow retention along with creation of green infrastructure corridors, including wet features, will be of great potential value in increasing biodiversity on site.

Ecological Consultants have been actively involved with the project, offering advice and guidance to ensure the site continues to provide a natural habitat for a variety of species.

Numerous surveys were carried out in order to establish and identify what wildlife was present on site, these included Bat, Bird (including Barn Owl), Great Crested Newt, Pond and further vegetation surveys.

The development has made use of existing field boundaries, hedgerows and retains most of the trees, with infilling of gaps and sensitive management. Additional planting of native species plants and trees within the site will enhance the potential for wildlife in the area.

Green corridors are incorporated throughout the development. They will create links within the site and to the wider countryside, benefitting both the local environment and species within. Land set aside to the west of the site will also provide potential habitat for wildlife, allowing a visual buffer between the site and the road to the west.


The habitat creation for birds and bats within the site will also increase the diversity of species within the local area.


Love Where You Live

We are extremely proud of West Park Garden Village and we hope you enjoy it as much as we do. 


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