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Information for Tenants

Emergency Contacts & Charges

Your property is managed by Bussey & Armstrong, should you experience any problems during your tenancy they should be reported to a member of our team using the contact details provided.


All non-urgent call outs or issues found not to be the responsibility of your landlord i.e. lost keys, will incur a charge of £50 plus VAT.  You will be advised as to whether the call out will incur a charge prior to anyone attending where possible.


Please see below useful emergency contact numbers along with possible charges:


Emergency Contacts

BUSSEY & ARMSTRONG LETTINGS:            (01325) 365717 / 07394562043

GAS:                                                                 0800 111999

ELECTRICTY:                                                  0800 668877

WATER:                                                            0345 717 1100

DARLINGTON POLICE:                                   0345 606 0365

DARLINGTON COUNCIL:                                01325 380651

Standard Charges

Non Urgent call out fee                                                                                £50.00

Replacement Fob                                                                                        £20.00

Replacement Key                                                                                        £25.00

Replacement Mailbox lock and key                                                             £25.00

Replacement window key                                                                            £10.00

Misuse of Refuse store / rubbish disposal                                                   £50.00 per bag

Steam Clean cooker/hob on check out                                                        £40.00

Carpet Cleaning on check out / damaged                                                   £50.00 per room

Cleaning apartment on check out                                                                £15.00 per hour

Maintenance / damage occurred (excl parts)                                              £20.00 per hour

Repaint on check out                                                                                   £20.00 per hour

Re-Inspection charges                                                                                 £25.00

Debt Letters                                                                                                 £10.00 per letter


The above charges exclude any additional chargeable time or damage that may have been incurred.


Love Where You Live

We are extremely proud of West Park Garden Village and we hope you enjoy it as much as we do. 


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