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5 Reasons why you should move to West Park Garden Village, Darlington

Updated: Nov 13, 2023

1. The Park - Stunning West Park is on your doorstep with play area, nature reserve and walkways - ideal for family fun, dog walkers and leisure time. The park which opened in 2005, is the first new park to be created in the Darlington area for over a hundred years.

Central Amphitheatre in West Park
Caring, Sharing & Daring In West Park

From its hills you can see both Darlington and its spectacular hinterland, and on its sculptures you can read about the town’s equally extraordinary history. Start in the central amphitheatre and you encounter three definitions cut into steel focussing on principles at the heart of every community: caring, sharing and daring. Look beyond to the monumental Trinity Stones and you find haikus about rare animals which have found a safe habitat in the park: the dingy skipper butterfly, the little ringed plover, and the water vole. Cross the bridges and you find sonnets about Darlington’s industrial heritage, in particular the contribution of the Quaker dynasty, the Peases.

2. The Shops - West Park has the great advantage of having a full range of shops right on its doorstep. In 2019 both a M&S Food-Hall and Aldi Supermarket opened its doors within West Park. The two supermarkets join the Co-op and Cooplands Bakery in the heart of the Garden Village. The M&S in West Park is now the only M&S in the Darlington area after the closure of its store on the high street.

Other shops include a Pharmacy and although not strictly a shop, West Park also has a ATM.

3. Education - Within the borders of West Park there are education and childcare services that include, West Park Academy Primary School, Pre School and Kids 1st Nursery. As they are all on your doorstep and with West Park having safe pavements throughout you can walk your children to and from school easily.

4. Socialising - It's important for all communities for its residents to socialise. West Park Garden Village has an array of local businesses including Tea With Alice café and deli, hairdressers, Hobson Holmes and a pub 'The White Heifer That Travelled'. West Park also have a growing online community, the online group arrange events and activities throughout the year. All residents are welcome to join and get involved. So what are you waiting for?

Pub in the heart of the community
The Pub In West Park, Darlington

5. Transport Links - West Park has excellent transport links and quick access to the A1 north and south. Newcastle centre to the north is just a short 40 minute drive whilst central Leeds in the south is just over an hour away.

Darlington is also the home of the railway and Darlington Train Station is on the Edinburgh - London main line route with trains to London departing 3-4 times every hour with a journey time of just 2hours and 20 minutes.

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