Westpark Levy

The Westpark Levy is a legal agreement which will be written into the deeds for your home and will be explained to you by your solicitor when you purchase a property at West Park.


The West Park Levy Fund managed by County Durham Foundation (CDF) is now operational. Once all 700 homes on the development are complete, the levy will generate approximately £35,000 a year to support community and environmental initiatives in West Park. Darlington Borough Council will cover the day-to-day maintenance costs of the park from monies paid to them by Bussey & Armstrong Projects Ltd.


CDF cannot take the annual contribution without giving you notice; therefore you will be sent a letter each year at the beginning of January to advise you that the levy will be taken from your account on 1st February and how much the contribution will be.

At the time of writing the levy contribution is £160, however the annual payment is index linked (£100 at February 2003) and will increase over time. If payment is arranged by Direct Debit, the levy will be reduced by 50% to £80 per annum. We do not expect the levy to increase substantially in the foreseeable future.


County Durham Foundation will be working with Bussey & Armstrong Projects Ltd and Darlington Borough Council together with the West Park Steering Group to distribute funds. It will support the following activities and provide enhanced maintenance and educational initiatives at West Park.

  • Contribute to employing staff to provide a Countryside Rangers Service aimed at carrying out the necessary functions that will make the park a valued asset to the local community.

  • Enable the staff to respond to the management plan drawn up by the steering group.

  • Help receive formal and informal groups in order to provide guidance and training in how to use and enjoy the park.

  • Help volunteer groups establish wildlife-monitoring regimes for the park.

  • Enhance the 6.43 hectares of wildflower meadows.

  • Enhance the wetland and woodland features of the park.

  • Help Darlington Borough Council stage a series of events aimed at increasing the use of the park and raising awareness of countryside issues.

  • Support Community and Arts Projects.


Quarterly meetings are held for residents and other stakeholders to find out more about the Fund and discuss issues relating to the park. If you are interested in joining the Friends’ Group please contact Rob George, The Westpark Co-ordinator on 07500 090384 or email robert.george.gc@gmail.com.